Can You Guess the Cut?

Follow the clues to guess which cut of pork featured below. If you think you’ve got it, click on the “Got It!” link to see if you’re correct and to find more information on the featured cut and great recipes you can try.


I am a large, flavorful cut.

I can be used with or without the bone.

I am the basis for outstanding slow-cooked meals.

I am quite affordable and can easily feed a family, plus left-overs.

I’m used in the dishes of different cultures because I take seasoning so well.

If I’m cooked low and slow, I will fall apart. But try to rush me, and I might have to get tough on you.

I have a nickname that makes people giggle.

(Hint: I’m sometimes the “butt” of jokes.)

Which cut of delicious Prestage Pork am I?


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