Don’t Let Grill Flare-ups Ruin the Party!

With summer in full swing across the country comes all of the fun activities that go with it – especially grilling flavorful Prestage pork!

Next time you fire up the grill, keep the following in mind to prevent food-ruining flare-ups:

  • Clean your grill prior to cooking
  • Avoid excessively oily sauces
  • Trim excess fat from meat

Create a hot zone and a cool zone in the grill by using one or two burners on high while the other one or two burners are on off.

Use the hot side to sear the food on high heat, then move it to the cool side for longer, slower cooking to your preferred internal temperature.

This provides excellent heat distribution and air movement and keeps fat from dripping on the open flame while it’s cooking.

When cooking on charcoal or over an open fire, create the same hot- and cool-zones by piling coals on one side and leaving one area with no coals below it. Use aluminum foil to cover the grill or cooking area, creating that hot air circulation that cooks your food to perfection.

For more information on grilling safety, visit the Propane Research and Education Council website.


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